Where Else Is Geospatial Data Used?

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Where else is geospatial data used? a) Natural/Water Resources Nowadays, environmental experts are applying it in planning and initiating water-resource community plans. The information is often used to map out geographical areas and offer stakeholders an in-depth understanding of the surrounding topography and potential flooding zones, so that proper arrangements can be made to avoid future disasters. Some remote sensor information such as hyperspectral imagery can also be useful in comprehending the clients physical setting. Some of the projects that can be initiated under this arrangement include:

1. Vegetation species documentation

2. Water resources administration

3. Wetland conservation

4. Land use/cover mapping

5. Floodplain studies

6. Coastal erosion or deposition

7. Habitat inventories and preservation

b) Transportation

Geospatial services from ventusgeo.com are used in the transport industry to offer support for planning, development and maintenance of rail lines, roadways or airfield channels. It can help stakeholders avoid accidents, theft of goods and other related risks associated with the travel industry. Moreover, the data can be used for military-related duties such as precise targeting, mission planning, simulation and modeling. It provides the primary framework for advanced battle-space visualization.

This information can then be analyzed by several sources within the military to meet relevant interoperable statistical standards. It may be presented in form of charts, publications or printed maps depending on where it would be used. In short, geospatial services can be described as tools that enable stakeholders access and intelligently manipulate data towards achieving a certain developmental goal. Most of this information is stored in special spatial databases that digitally reflect the actual field design, from here it can easily be modified or changed to fit the users specific requirements. The data stored in this resource is initially captured in form of alphanumeric pictorials, therefore the spatial files may at times be referred to as image databases. The statistics storage tool makes use of special indexing databases when retrieving information, this simplifies the scanning process so that one can get the exact information they need.

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