What Makes Science Based Six Pack Different From Generic Fitness Programs?

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Science Based Six Pack seems to be the new craze in fitness and nutrition industry. The program is easy to follow and said to be very effective for helping men get and maintain chiseled abs. Thomas Delauer, the creator of the program, agrees with many people that exercise is important for getting abs, which is why his program has a fast shred work out course. The workout plan involves 9 full body workouts that need no equipment and can be done at home. Each workout is 20-25 minutes long, and the workout uses time under tension to maximize glycogen depletion and fat loss. The beauty of the Science Based Six Pack is it can be done at home in your free time.

The Science Based Six Pack programs fast break strategy is also another reason the course is different than any program in the market right now. Many programs do not give guidance on how to break the fast and this leads many people breaking their fast in poor fashion. Nutrient timing when breaking the fast is very important. This unique nutrient timing strategy enables you to bring your insulin levels up gradually instead of spiking your insulin levels and compromising body fat storage. This allows you more efficient at burning stored fat and allows you to eat your favorite foods during your meal periods without risking excessive storage of body fat.

The Science Based Six Pack method offers two plans; the Base Track Plan and the Fast Track Plan. With the base track plan, you get a more flexible option of exercise. It is best suited for men who have no experience with dieting or preparing for meals in advance. The fast-track plan you get a more rigid exercise and dieting schedule. It works well for men who have experience with dieting and eating healthy as well as preparing for meals in advance. Thomas Delauer says getting fit with Science Based Six Pack should not be considered a final destination, but rather the start of a life long journey that is exciting and can drastically improve the quality for life for any person. A more fit you is a happy you.

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