What Makes Design Age Gracefully and Can a Dental Office Do So?

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Why do some things age well and develop a rich patina and texture assimilated through use while others seem to just look old, shabby, out-of-date, and possibly even neglected? I was in one of my favorite Greek restaurants the other night with a friend and we started deliberating why many of the people we know had abandoned this specific restaurant for a newer one a few blocks away.

My favorite is located in an old home, is small, and has the rustic charm that induces images of an island cottage. The new one is located in an old strip center, has fresh drywall, paint, and the furniture isn't 25 years old. As the quality of the food is about the same along with the service, I individually prefer the atmosphere of the older restaurant and enjoy the rustic charm and some would say neglect of its interior. You can visit http://www.practiceconstruction.com/ to have a look at different dental office designs.

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Very few of the older dental offices I visit appear to manage to age into a rustic charm. The bangs and scuffs of wear just seem to drag them down. Why is this? Why can't a dental office age elegantly and become charming rather than just tired? As I think more about this I have to wonder if the material that the dental office is made of enters into this.

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