Tips to Eat Healthier and Lose Weight

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Look at a veggie smoothie for breakfast and keep away from processed carbs and sugary cereals, they are not as nutritious as you are led to believe if you have to go for cereal, go with oats and non-fat milk. 

Include protein, fibre, and healthy fats at every meal

This is the magic pyramid to health, nutrition and weight-loss here are some examples that will help your stomach tell your brain that you are satisfied and keep your blood sugar levels stabilised.

With your proteins make sure they are lean, look for whole grains, local organic produce and greens for fibre.  Nuts especially almonds are a fantastic treat, taste excellent and full of vitamins and low on fat, and use sparing amounts of olive oil but be sure to get (virgin) for healthy fats.

Have a salad once a day

Keep a healthy balance of greens. Beans and kale, lettuce and raw cabbage, add to that tomato and red onions and you've got a healthy balanced lunch, if you have to have meat, then add some chicken breast or tuna but tuna in brine or water, not in oil. This once a day routine will help you to maintain or to start the process of Weight Loss. It is low in calories but high in fibre.

Make Lunch Your Big Meal, not Dinner

When you eat during the day, you are giving your body more time to burn off your calorie intake, and this is why you 100% avoid supper or late night snacks.  Think of your daily calorie intake as around the 40% mark for lunch and you are on the right track.

Don't eat until you are full

Get out of the mentality of having to clean your plate, if you can't then don't put so much on there in the first place.  Your stomach tells your brain when it's full, so eat slowly and pace yourself and try to eat until you are 70-80% satisfied. 

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