Tips For Packing Makeup For Vacation

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Packing for a vacation is a hassle on its own, and packing makeup is even more so. While you always want to look flawless for the pictures, you might not have the space to keep all your makeup products with you. Here are some tips to help you look flawless, while keeping your makeup luggage minimum.


  • Storing creams and lotions

You can store your creams and lotions, even foundations and concealers, in contact lens cases. They provide a spill free storage, and can hold products that can last you at least a week. The best part is you can store them or take them anywhere, ensuring you always have your skin tone perfect.

  • Waterproof Mascaras

Instead of taking regular mascara, travel with a waterproof mascara, preferably in a mini or travel size. This will help, because you need not carry different types of mascara with you, and will prevent smudging and require little touching up.

  • Drugstore, Inexpensive brands

Do not travel with expensive, high-end brand; instead replace these with local or drugstore brands. Since there is a chance of losing or damaging your makeup, travelling with products from inexpensive mineral makeup brands is highly recommended, and saves you much regret.

  • Multi-use products

Use products with multiple purposes, instead of going for various different products. One example is that of strobing creams, which can double as an eye shadow. Similarly lip and cheek stain products can help you travel with fewer products.

We hope these tips help you in packing makeup, ad prevent you from giving up on a flawless look for your vacation. 

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