Tips For Buying A Best Electrical Generators

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Generators are used for the generation of electrical power. There are basically two types of generators: standby generators and portable generators.

Generators ensure that the majority of the essential appliances can be conducted whenever there’s a power outage. Standby generators provide backup power in offices and homes and are permanently installed outside the house or office building. They’re plugged into the electrical circuits or house wiring.

Generators can be found in varying size and output power. The choice of purchasing the correct type of generator depends on lots of factors such as the wattage capacity, voltage ratings, fuel type, fuel efficiency, noise level, portability, and price.

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Generators for home use most often run on fuels such as gas, diesel, natural gas or propane. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Gasoline is affordable and easily available. Gasoline generators give the most power per weight unit but require frequent maintenance. It is also noisy, emits harmful carbon monoxide and the motor wears faster than diesel, propane or natural gas generators.

Diesel isn’t difficult to acquire but is relatively more expensive. Diesel generators require less maintenance and are fuel-efficient. Its disadvantage is that it’s noisier, emits more smoke and smells, and more difficult to start in cold weather.


A generator must always be used according to the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Care should be taken to see that the generator is not overloaded. A heavy-duty extension cable must be used to connect appliances to the generator.

A qualified electrician must be called in to install a transfer switch to plug the generator into the house wiring system. Refueling the generator when in operation should be avoided. Spilling of fuel on the heated components may cause a fire.



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