The Macro Button – Get Creative with Your Camera

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Nearly all digital cameras have a macro mode. You’ll know if yours has one because one of the menu buttons will have an icon of a flower on it. This switches the camera into a special close focus mode and many allow you to get less than 10cm from the subject. You can visit Company for reviews of Microscope Thailand.

With some cameras from makers such as Nikon and Ricoh you can get as close as 2cm from the subject which allows incredible closes ups of tiny subjects such as insects, but the macro mode is, for example, also really useful for making a photographic record of your jewelry for insurance purposes and for creative close ups too.

The macro mode is usually on the menu button that also has an icon of two triangles that represents mountains (landscape mode) and sometimes MF (manual focus). You may have to press the button several times until the flower icon appears, either on the small top plate LCD or larger viewing LCD. Some cameras then automatically shift into a specific zone on the zoom lens so you may hear a whir as the zoom resets.

When you start to use macro mode you’ll notice a few things. First it’s harder to focus. Your camera may struggle especially when you’ve just taken a shot at infinity, because the focusing system has to work out that the really blurred object is actually what you want to shoot. This is worse when you’ve moved too close and the camera then couldn’t focus on the subject even if it wanted to. So don’t expect to see a bee and get an instant shot before it buzzes off.


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