The Effects of Disruptive Behavior

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The effect of disruptive behavior on individual safety was well explained in the literature. There are additional costs too, including those connected with rework, lost productivity, and handling staff psychological turmoil and anxiety which divert attention and resources in providing safe patient care.

Regardless of the dangers and costs of tumultuous behavior, healthcare organizations are often loath to face the issue, especially when it involves doctors. You can visit to know more about remedies for disruptive behavior.

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These include possible claims of hostile work environment due to workers and contract employees, directors’ and officers’ claims against associations that fail to track the issue or take action against documented offenders by continuing to reestablish rights or employment, general liability claims brought on by people and other bystanders hurt because of disruptive behavior, and medical malpractice claims caused by individuals injured as a consequence of a clinician’s tumultuous behavior.

Avoidance of adverse publicity and monetary reduction from liability and other claims can also be powerful a motivator since it supports the critical of continuing financial viability and organizational success.

Although these are persuasive arguments, none are as significant as the individual factors –the catastrophic effect that tumultuous behavior continues on the dignity, self-esteem, and bodily security of staff members.

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