The Bloated Bar Mitzvah Celebration

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Bar Mitzvah parties have grown exponentially in size and scope within the past twenty decades.

Becoming a Bar Mitzvah is a significant landmark in the Life Span of a Jewish kid. It's a joyous event deserving of the party.

While the ceremony is a spiritual ceremony, the reception which follows is a totally secular affair.

At a production, the normal Bar/Bat Mitzvah reception has increased from a homegrown simple event to something rivaling many weddings at its elaborateness and price

And, like the over-commercialization of Christmas, what's meant to be a joyous celebration of family and friends is becoming out of control.

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Do not misunderstand. I discuss the joy of this Bar Mitzvah's household. I have felt much pleasure when members of my family and friends' families have reached this threshold.

It is only my observation that a lot of this time the celebrants are not enjoying themselves very much.

The outsize range of several parties appears to be a product of societal pressure over anything else. Along with the surplus appears to be most conspicuous in big American cities – traveling to the Mid-west or to Israel, for this matter, and you will normally discover a low key event.

Peer pressure is much more extreme for many people in their adolescent years then every other time of their own lives. Couple that with all the societal stress Bar Mitzvah parents sense to demonstrate their household at the best possible light before relatives and friends… and the stage is set for surplus.

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