The Advantages of Washable Dog Beds

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You want your pet to have the best. Some people allow their dogs to sleep with them in their bed because they feel that is where the dog is most comfortable, and they also enjoy having the dog with them at night. This is not ideal for everyone though. What do you do then? You get them a dog bed so that they can stay in your room next to your bed, or so that they can sleep in their favorite spot in the house in comfort. Before you buy, look into washable dog beds before you choose something else.

A sad fact of life is that any dog that goes outside is going to get dirty, come into contact with fleas and other critters, and may step in all types of different things. This is why many owners do not want to have their dog in their bed, even though they would love it. You don't want these things in your bed or in your home, but that is a hazard of owning a dog. If you give them washable dog beds, these are things that you can wash away as long as you stay on top of things.

Dirty and poo can come in the house on your dog. They bring it in on their feet and they bring it in on their fur. You can wash your dog, but many dog owners can attest that any clean dog is an unhappy dog. They will run out and roll around in any filth that they can find to smell (in their opinion) like a dog should smell. Keep the in mind if choosing between a dog bed that may be more elaborated by not washable and simple yet comfortable washable dog beds.

Fleas are an even bigger issue as Ian from Millies Paws explains. You can use a product on your dog each month to keep them free of fleas, but that does not mean the fleas are going to give up and leave your dog alone. Each and every time they go outside there is a chance a flea is going to make a try for your dog. They can come in the house and get into the dog bed. They can then lay eggs in the bed and you have a flea problem. They may die on the dog, but they can bite you. You can circumvent this problem by having washable dog beds that you can throw in the wash once a week. This kills the eggs and negates the flea problem, at least from that angle.

Washable dog beds come in all sizes and shapes. Some are just giant pillows, but dogs tend to love them. There are some that have sides and they cradle the dog, best for small dogs but any dog can use them. As long as you can wash the bed, you have made a good investment. Not only can you control things that come in from your dog, you can eliminate that wet dog smell that sometimes sits in homes. Your dog is a dog and he wants to smell like one, but that does not mean you have to let it get out of control. These great dog beds can help.

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