Skiing At Blue Mountain

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Collingwood: A Skier's Vacation Paradise

blue mountainI vacationed in Ontario my whole childhood. In the summer, the fishing, swimming, golfing and hiking filled countless hours and when summer gave way to a snowy paradise, I learned to ski in Collingwood, Ontario.

Laughter filled numerous Collingwood hotels throughout the years as I moved my way up from the bunny hill to navigating the blue squares with ease. It is still the only place I have ever skied at night and the view from the top of the mountain, of town and then out over the black abyss that is the Georgian Bay, is one of the greatest sights in my memory. The talent I acquired on those ski hills I put to very good use in my early twenties when I moved to Colorado to work at a ski resort. The snow was quite different however and I struggled for the first bit. The fluffy, dry snow of the Rocky Mountains was a big change from the hard, ice packed snow of Northern Ontario and after spending nine years in Colorado, I still prefer skiing on the crunchy snow of my youth.

Unfortunalty is has been many years since I have been back to ski or enjoy many of the wonderful summer activites or new Collingwood hotels I am sure have sprung up since I was last there. I long to go back and explore one of the favorite spots of my childhood and see how it has changed. 


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