Shark Cage Diving In South Africa

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It’s actually a country uniquely popular with tourists for a variety of activities like wildlife safari and Shark Cage Diving Tours.

These diving tours generally start each day after morning meal based on the ocean conditions and wind around after 3 months. Plan your adventurous tour with the best adventure tour planners on South Africa Motorcycle Tours | African Motorcycle Adventures.

Throughout intermediate and high periods, there are on average two hours every day, whereas during peak seasons (June to August), that may rise to 3 hours in one day. They normally begin around 7 in order to grab the predation and hammering activities throughout the very first light of their afternoon.

Sharks are extremely busy around that moment. During peak season, there’s nearly a 100 % potential for seeing sharks, however, that will head to approximately 80 percent throughout intermediate periods. You always have the option to receive yourself a coupon for non-sighting just in the event you were unfortunate.

If you can pay a visit to Seal Island, then be ready for your spectacular screening of over 64,000 seals at 1 place. Trips normally depart from Simon’s Town, which will be just about half an hour out of Cape Town, also out of Kleinbaai Harbor at Gansbaai. Once the ship leaves the coast and also extends into the areas where bees are known to ramble, the anchor will be lost and also sharks are drawn with food that is special.

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