Safe sleeping on board boats

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Sleeping aboard can be one of the pleasures of boating. Water lapping against the hull pooled with a gentle rocking can offer a great night’s sleep. On the other hand, commanders may suffer nightmares about the vessel dragging; skippers sometimes lie half awake all night, keeping one eye on the vessel’s position.

A Backup Plan

Often a skipper will know little more about an anchorage than does the owner. Even the information that a yacht club frequently maintains a mooring or that it is intended for vessels up to a specific length may do little to assure a worried skipper on a dark, windy night. Laying anchor is one way a skipper can provide himself with a backup.  Bow rollers often need to be vacant of existing anchors and chains anyway before the primary mooring can be protected.To know more on boat safety you can head to

Be Alarmed

Modern electronics can provide some peace of mind while sleeping. Echo sounders are generally equipped with shallow and deep alarms. Left on while snoozing, the alarms will alert crew if the vessel has moved into shallow or deeper waters.

Stay in Charge

Electronic devices are a bonus, but you can overdo it. A sea going mate told a recent experience whereby a GPS alarm, sounder alarm and anchor light were left on all night, after some hours of cleaning fish under a deck flood light. Try to set a low voltage alarm were met with frustration with a new bit of electronic kit. 

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