Pride of Nigeria Stadium

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Do you remember the last world cup where Nigeria made it to the final? Nigeria is getting stronger as a football club these days that they caught international attention. Many people wonder why Nigeria has such a strong team in the football world. But the answer of that question lies in the fact that they have a really good training place. They have plenty of football stadiums which helps them to get better as a football team. One of the their best football stadiums is called the Abuja National Stadium. And we are here to paint a clear picture how this football stadium becomes important to Nigerian football team. For more updates on African football news, click here!

The Biggest in Nigeria

The abuja national stadium is clearly the largest football stadium in the country of Nigeria. In fact, it is also the house of the national football team of Nigeria. They often train in that stadium before going to an important match such as world cup. The total seating amount of the football stadium is reaching around sixty thousand top. Despite nothing compared to other stadiums in the world, it is the largest one yet in Nigeria. The grass-surfaced stadium was built in early 2000 by a renowned German architect from Stuttgart. for more on Nigerian Football.

The African cup

The use of the Abuja National Stadium was plenty in the past. The stadium was built prior to the 2003 All African cup that was held in Nigeria. Some of the world cup early matches was also held in this stadium between Nigeria and other countries. In addition, the stadium was also supposed to be used as the main venue of the 2002 Miss World. But since it was not finished on time, the venue was cancelled and moved to the UK. For those who are planning to go to Nigeria, seeing this football stadium is an absolute must for football fan.

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