Most Top Hangover Cure Recipes

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Exactly what is the best hangover cure? Drinking moderately in the first place could be the answer but when moderation is not possible or not an option, getting after effect cures that work would be the next best thing.

Here are some homemade recipes for hangover cures. For more information about Hangover Cures you can visit at

Fruits juice contains fructose, a kind of sugar that helps the body burn alcohol faster that helps accelerate the removal of remaining alcoholic beverages in your body.

So drinking a huge glass of apple juice or tomato juice flashes out alcohol from your body thus assisting you to restore from a hangover faster. Orange juice is more acidic and if you have a weak abdomen, it's best to stick to non-acidic juices.



In addition, fruit juices contain high levels of vitamins and nutrients that help to replace the body's energy and expel alcohol toxins from the body faster.

Honey is a focused form of fructose, so eating crackers and honey helps too. Another way to take honey is to have it with lemon and hot water. This is the typical drink for hangover cure. Not only does a hot honey lemon drink replenish your body's lost essential fluids, it also prevents the rapid difference in alcohol levels that causes headaches.

Alcoholic beverages dehydrates the body, so drinking lots of drinking water before going to rest and after waking in the morning helps reduce the discomfort that alcohol consumption dehydration causes. Replenish the water supply in your body.




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