Men – Want To Be Lean? Try Skipping Breakfast

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We all have the commonly accepted belief that we should eat 3 square meals a day, and if you are trying to lose weight, you probably have been told that you need to eat something every three hours. Some fitness gurus suggest eating 5-6 meals per day. They say this because they believe it will help you control your calories better and because it will help keep your metabolism up. Another reason for eating 3-6 meals per day is that the longer you go without eating, the stronger your hunger signals will get, which often triggers people to feel like they need to gorge and overeat when they get the chance to eat again. Eating 3-6 meals works for some people, but for others, it feels like an unnecessary requirement that doesn't fit into their lifestyle or their body's cycle.

Men have a much easier time fasting and can generally go without food for longer periods of time than women can. The reasons for this could be related to how our ancestors lived. In the hunter-gatherer time period, women are thought to have stayed behind with their children while the men went off and searched for food farther away from their camp. The women would gather whatever was close and would probably graze on food during the day, while the men would go longer without food because they would be busy searching for food jackpots. This meant that in the evening the men would most likely come back with their bounty and stuff themselves. 

It's easy for some men, and natural for them to skip breakfast. They don't feel the need to eat, and maybe even feel better not eating in the morning. Skipping breakfast is an easy way to limit your calories, which will help you stay lean year-round as long as long you don't stuff yourself for lunch and dinner on pizza and ice cream. By eating nutritious unprocessed whole foods for lunch and dinner, you can eat until your full. Lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and beans are full of fiber, which will provide bulk and make you feel fuller longer, and are highly nutritious. If your lunch and dinner meals are composed of these, you will stay lean year-round. John Barban, the creator of the popular Adonis Golden Ratio workout program, generally skips breakfast, usually having just a coffee in the morning and not eating until later in the day. You can read more about his fitness and fat loss program at this link. If you've seen pictures of him, you can clearly see that he maintains an incredibly fit and lean body. 

But will skipping breakfast make you fat? No, research is showing that it doesn't matter at what interval you eat your calories, it only matters how many calories you get in a day that matters. So, if you are tired of eating breakfast, feel free to skip it, it really doesn't matter, and it may even help you eat fewer calories in the day anyway. For some men, skipping breakfast may end up being the leaner decision.

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