Is a Car Wrap easy to remove?

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This is a question that we hear almost with every client that asks about car wraps.  The apprehension is; are vehicles wraps easy to eliminate?  The answer is: YES. If the vehicle has been draped with a high-quality car wrap vinyl then the removal process is very simple.  All we need is a heat source, preferably a heat gun, some experience and a lot of endurance.

High-quality films made by Avery and 3M are designed to leave no glue residue when removed.  However, it is significant to keep in mind that both of these brands produce many different vinyl stickers where some have very sturdy adhesive and are not designed for vehicle wraps, picking the right wrap vinyl is very significant. You can hire the services of Wrap Removal via Stick Off as Vehicle Graphics Removal process can be tricky and time-consuming.

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The removal procedure of a vehicle wrap is also significant.  The wrap requires being heated to reach a definite degree and pulling back slowly at a 45-degree angle, using both hands with the fingers spread open, so there is a contact that forms with the most of the surface of the film while pulling back. You can follow this link to remove wraps from your vehicle.

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Do not tug the film.  If the car wrap has been stuck in the vehicle for more than 2 years then there is a chance that the linkage is quite strong, yanking the film may cause parting from the vinyl and laminate.  A car wrap without a laminate is very tough to remove.

Also, it is very important to make sure when your wrap is linked that you request NO Primer is used…  There is an old school of belief that using the 3M Primer 94 on the edges is essential to seal the vinyl to evade separation and water getting under the film.  

Several wrap shops and independent installers use 3M Primer 94 to speed-up the installation procedure by not performing the necessary steps for an installation that will last for years rather than months.  Using the primer is like cheating on a test so you can hardly get a passing grade.

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