Investing In Upper East Side Condominiums

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Upper east side in New York City, has one of the most optimistic property markets in the nation right now according to Cash Schiller. We have been seeing more and more investors looking to buy upper east side condominiums. The questions we frequently hear about investing in properties in upper east side:

Which one is better investment, a one bedroom or 2 bedroom condominium?

What can my return on investment be?

We will touch mainly on those two questions but there certainly are far more than these 3 principles that go into choosing a great investment real estate. First of all, be sure to work with somebody that specializes in the location that you want to purchase. Condos with more amenities and reduced monthly HOA dues tend to pencil out the best for investment purpose.

One bedroom investment condos actually pencil out very similarly to the two-bedroom investment condos. The difference where the investor can make their profit up is at the point of exit. It's arguable that two bedroom investment condos will have a better resale value than one bedroom investment condos.

With 25% down, investment on UES luxury condos normally yield a direct ROI of approximately 1% such as renter positioning property management. The identical situation for a money investor would yield approximately 5-6percent for a single bedroom investment condos.

The Instant ROI will be low yielding for investors requiring Funding and medium for cash investors, but 5% is better than Whatever you are going to find at a CD or Money Market Account so it is a Fantastic solution for those with cash. The Actual return would be made at the Time of sale.

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