Introduction to Disruptive Physician Behavior

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Anything that a clinician does this interferes with the orderly conduct of Hospital Company, from individual care to committee work, may be considered disruptive.

This includes behavior that interferes with the ability of others to effectively execute their responsibilities or who undermines the individual's confidence in the clinic or a different member of the health care team.

  • Profane or disrespectful language
  • Demeaning behavior, like name-calling
  • Inappropriate comments or innuendo
  • Inappropriate touching
  • Racial or ethnic jokes
  • Outbursts of anger
  • Throwing tools, graphs, or other items

  • Remarks that endanger a patient's confidence in other health professionals along with the hospital
  • Failure to adequately address security issues or individual care demands expressed by a different caregiver
  • Intimidating behavior which has the effect of curbing input from other members of the Medical group
  • Deliberate failure to adhere to organizational policies without sufficient evidence to support the solution selected.
  • Retaliation against any member of the healthcare staff is done who has documented as the breach of this code of behavior.

Disruptive behaviors are often not correlated with alcohol or drug impairment, though that link is often assumed by associations, particularly when doctors are involved. By referring to the online sources you can secure yourself from unsafe work environment and imminent hazards.

Organizations tend to be tempted to link disruptive physician behavior issues to impaired doctor committees since they're unwilling to take disciplinary actions and feel that the mechanics set up for dealing with impaired doctors offer a less painful option.

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