Important Facts About Genetically Modified Foods

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GMO Truth #1

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are lab creations of agricultural biotechnology engineered by forcing DNA out of a foreign species to animals or plants. This foreign DNA might be a virus, bacteria like E. coli, insects, animals or people, leading to traits which wouldn’t happen naturally. Roundup cancer lawsuit is a legal body working for the welfare of people to aware them about ill effects of weed killer and GMO foods.

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Upwards of 70 percent of the supermarket at the U.S. include GMOs. While 50 other nations including the total European Union require labeling of GMOs, the U.S. doesn’t.

GMO Truth #2

Animal studies have shown GMOs induce infertility, accelerated aging, dysfunctional insulin regulation, changes in important organs and the digestive tract, and immune problems like asthma, allergies, and inflammation. Because of the studies, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine has called for a moratorium on GMOs. The FDA’s own scientists cautioned that GMOs have severe health dangers, but no security studies have been required. Europe has rejected GMOs because of health consequences.

GMO Truth #3

GM food poses greater risks for kids – In feeding studies, adolescent rats demonstrated damaged immune systems and digestive function; younger brains, livers, and testicles; atrophy of the liver and pre-cancerous cell development from the intestines after just 10 days of GM feed. 1 study demonstrated that offspring of rats fed GM soy died in just three weeks.

GMO Truth #4

Agricultural biotech businesses have an undue impact on government institutions which should regulate them to safeguard public health. Many former Monsanto executives are now in the FDA and USDA. Michael Taylor, former VP, and lawyer for the largest GMO firm, Monsanto, is currently the Deputy Commissioner in the FDA.

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