Ideas to heal burns and treat diabetes at the same time

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A Smart blend of South Australian expertise in treating signs of diabetes in men and healing burns guarantees to provide a treatment that’s skin deep.

Artificial skin will be used by the Royal Adelaide Hospital physicians as a “new house” for the insulin-producing cells lacking in people who have type 1 diabetes.

Professor Toby Coates, Pancreatic Islet Transplantation at the RAH and Manager of Kidney, says the technique has tremendous potential.

“The essential part of the research will be to change and optimise artificial skin to create a website that is new to transplant islet cells in people who have type 1 diabetes.”

That would mean donor cells.

At the present time it requires six pancreases to treat one man,” Dr Coates said.

And it'd be a comparatively straightforward process, where a “modest incision” in abdomen or the arm would empower clinicians to add scaffold or a biodegradable polymer matrix that would be “ ” that is ready for cells in 3 to 4 weeks.

Managing director Mike Wilson and jDRF Australia CEO said the Foundation was seeking for “ successful and safe strategies to replace the lack of insulin-producing beta cells and re-establish glucose control in individuals with type 1 diabetes”.

While present strategies empower the graft of beta cells from pancreatic islets, there remains a should develop new methods of raising function and the survival of cells that are transplanted he said.

“This new strategy has the possibility to reach that.”

Adelaide-based Skin Tissue Engineering manager Julian Burton said his associate, award winning Burns Unit manager Associate Professor John Greenwood, had the smart idea to use the matrix -producing cells.

Collectively they approached Beta Cell Technologies, which received seed financing from BioInnovationSA were built by Professor Coates.

“South Australia is all about initiation, it’s all about medical and health research,” Mr Burton said at diabetes forum

“We’re only in the perfect place at the perfect time to actually make a move to make South Australia a center of excellence, we need to do this in burns and wounds attention and we believe there’s a chance — along with Professor Toby Coates — to do that in treating diabetes.”

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