ICF in Australia: What to Remember

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The installation of ICF in Australia has had positive reception, which is why it is steadily being adopted by more and more contractors. The material is considered to be advantageous in many aspects, compared to traditional framing options. And there are a variety of trusted sources of help that you can turn to, so that the full power of the process can be harnessed.

Even so, there are certain things that must be remembered when commissioning such an installation. And if you are interested in using ICFs for your next construction project, keeping them in mind will help you improve the quality of the satisfaction that you get from ICFs.

Get educated.

One of the most important things that you can do before you decide to install ICF in Australia for your next construction project is to get as much information as you can about it. At present, there are no strict regulations that govern the use of ICFS in the country, but some areas may have technical guidelines that you still need to adhere to. To be sure, get in touch with the right department that issues information on building in your specific region.

Seek proper product training 

Some suppliers of ICFs also provide training, so that clients can harness the best practices that are designed to make the most out of ICF installation. Zego, for example, offers different types of trainings, for differing competency levels. If your supplier cannot offer training, get in touch with the manufacturer itself to ask.

Choose a good installer 

Finally, work with a good installer. While there are no specific missives about the products, they are still nevertheless considered to be niche materials. As such, they require specialised knowledge. Additionally, a trusted team that handles insulated concrete formworks can make sure that all the aspects of the installation go as designed, which will result in a structurally stable, energy-efficient, and comfortable property.

When vetting the quality of services that you can get from your prospective installer, first look at the scope of their experience. It is always better to choose companies that have totted up quite a track record, compared to those who are only just starting out. Additionally, check their portfolio. If they have assisted with various types of projects, that means that they employ a team with a diverse skill set. And get to know their team. It is always better to work with professionals who know how to extend excellent customer service, from start to finish.


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