How To Shoot A Video For Your Kids Sports Team

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1. You bought a video camera

2. You want to record your childs gameplay

3. Here's how to do it

What a wonderful age of technology in which we live. You can buy the best devices today to record videos and music and play all kinds of tech devices on computers, DVDs, MP3 players, VCRs and more. Everything is great But they all come with thick user manuals that do not always lead you in the right direction. You may be able to learn how to use your new camera, for example, but that does not necessarily mean you are taking pictures that are worth seeing on the way. Rolling Tape on your camera is one thing and creating a high quality and interesting video is another thing. The purpose of this product is to inform you about the use of your camcorder (regardless of format and brand) to get the best results when recording these precious moments of your child's sports achievements.

As parents, we spend a lot of time on the field, on the court, in the pool or on the track watching our children participate in youth sports competitions. If you have a video camera, you will want to record some of these events for posterity and perhaps education. Following the simple steps in this guide will help you capture them in the best possible way so they can be viewed and used later.

My video experience comes from two decades as a network television cameraman and as a parent with several children actively involved in youth sports. During my years of professional video shooting, I traveled around the world and saw almost all kinds of news. I also spent 15 years covering professional sports events for my employer. These are the best types of missions for me. In my career, what I liked most was going to places where the average person could not. In sports, this usually means being on the field, next to the field, in the press box or in the hole. I shot football matches of all levels up to and including the NFC and AFC championship games. Living in the Bay Area has allowed me to cover many baseball races and several world series. It was just behind the starting plate, the night the earth shook in the 1989 World Series. We talked about an accident. I had to stop covering a World Series between the two Bay Area teams to cover a big event. Baseball seemed small for a while after the magnitude of the earthquake. The point in this area is that I love sports, I have been practicing sports all my life and I know how to make sports videos. With that in mind, I will do my best to give you advice on how to do the same thing.

Now, if you have the latest Musically Likes in your hands or an old VHS camera, there are some basic things you should keep in mind if you are going to play sports. As we say in the world of video, your camera is as good as the glass you hang in front. The better the target, the better the results, regardless of the recording format used. Now that you have a camera in your hand and you may have never heard this particular advice, it's too late to incorporate it into the equation. However, if you have a camera in your hand and you have limits on what you can do because the goal is less wonderful, there are things you can do to remedy the situation. We will discuss these things in more detail later.

The key factors before entering the delivery day games are sure you know the operating features of the computer, ribbon by hand (coming soon on DVD with the revolution of the game design). gears now) and fully charged batteries. I know these things may seem obvious, but even professionals must constantly remember to check and verify these items.

A little side here about the preparation. During the many years of news coverage, I learned a lot of little tips from other photographers in the field and applied them to my work regime. In the early days of the video, we still had to carry a portable hair dryer because the recording covers would explode if humidity levels reached a high level.

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