How to Protect Your Body From Mobile Phone Radiation

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We put our bodies at risk on a daily basis in all sorts of ways. Running for the bus, crossing the road on a green light, not looking where we are going… But few are as senseless and easily avoided as absorbing the microwave radiation our mobile phones produce, when there is really no need to do so. Of course, mobile phones have become so popular that we cannot be expected to live without one. But that is not the same as saying that we are powerless to avoid the risks they involve.

We drive our cars every day, but we do not stand in front of a moving car, because we know it is going to flatten us. We use electric devices such as heaters and ovens, but we take care to ensure we do not burn ourselves, and we avoid touching the electric wires. Similarly, if we are going to use a mobile phone on a daily basis, we should be taking care to avoid absorbing the microwave radiation it produces.

It is not as though this is especially difficult to achieve. Rather than carrying an unprotected mobile phone in your pocket, wrap it up in an anti radiation phone case. These cases block the microwaves from reaching your body, but allow the phone to work as normal.   

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