How to Offer Digital Transcription Service to Medical Professionals?

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Understanding medical terms and phrases is a skill usually acquired through medical secretarial training.  The current trend to outsource digital transcription work in hospitals and clinics has led to concerns about mistakes made by untrained transcriptionists. If you are looking to start a digital transcription service for doctors and medical professionals, you can outshine your competitors easily by offering a personal, professional and confidential service to medical professionals and medical secretaries at premium rates.   

You can offer an extensive digital transcription service tailored to individual requirements. You should be persistent in your endeavour to meet your client’s expectations. You need to take precautions to comply with data protection standards and protect patient confidentiality. You need to use specially designed, user-friendly, secure 256-bit encryption software to receive electronic dictations from clients by email or via a secure ftp server.  The transcribed letters and medical reports should be encrypted and returned by email via the software as a word file, or uploaded to a ftp server.

You need to be proactive in your efforts of marketing your digital transcription services to doctors and medical professionals. You can fetch contacts of medical representatives online and talk to them. You may also try to get in touch with medical students who may be looking for digital transcription services.

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