How can you build high quality backlinks fast?

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This is one of the biggest issues SEOs face – the task of building backlinks to their sites and the problem of building good enough quality links (unique content, good sites, etc.) that Google will index them and believe them to be valuable, but without spending all day working on repetitive tasks, like writing articles and asking web masters if they will link to your site – and waiting for them to respond.

It can take ages and can be a lot more effort than it's worth, in some cases.

But there is a solution (well, more than one actually, but I'm only going to talk about what I consider to be the best one in this post) and that solution is to use software to register accounts, generate unique (enough) content and post it with links imbedded (naturally) into that content that connect to your site.

There are a number of programs that you can use, including GSA Search Engine Ranker, SE Nuke, and Magic Submitter (if you are interested I have written a Magic Submitter review on my dedicated blog), and these tools are very good at speeding up the process of building links.

Most can post to a wide range of platforms (for example, sites build using WordPress) and should save you time compared to doing the same job manually.  Then, however, the biggest issue is trying to maintain quality while getting a high volume of links.  With a little extra work, this too is possible though.

So if you are looking to build links and save time, I'd suggest taking a closer look at this type of software!

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