How can a Survey be Effective

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Following are the details of good surveys and the important details of the advanced survey of the workgroup as planned by a workgroup member and myself.

A. A survey should have a definite goal(s). The purpose of the workgroup survey is to find out what details should be on the group's website. The information should include data about current and past analysis projects that concentrate on major health concerns in West Michigan as recognized in the annual Health Check created by Grand Valley State University.

B. Who is the target of the survey? The end of the initial survey will be those who audited the annual MIPERC conference last year and those who are enrolled for the conference this year.

C. The best issues are the anchored endpoint type. One of the proposed questions of our survey is to ask if the primary investigator of a research of a current or past research project should be listed. Someone taking the survey can choose from a scale of 1 to 7 with one end being anchored by "Totally Agree" and the other end by "Totally Disagree." I suggest that those developing a survey use either a 7 or 10 point scale rather that the traditional 5 point Likert scale as more information can be gathered with a 7 or 10 point scale. You can also know about how to visualize survey data by browsing online.

D. Limit the number of open-ended questions. Open-ended questions, being qualitative, are harder to explain.  In the advanced workgroup survey, there are presently no open-ended questions.

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