Hospital birth with CMS midwives

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Regular prenatal screening is required of all mothers preparing for an out of hospital birth with CMS midwives. Appointments include monitoring your baby’s growth and heart rate, fetal position and size, maternal weight gain, a urine dipstick test, blood pressure and uterine growth. For more information about professional home birth los angeles you can check online.

You will be given a lab slip to obtain your routine blood work. This must be done by the 16th week of pregnancy. Finger sticks to check hemoglobin or blood sugar may be done as needed in the office at additional charge. Glucose tolerance tests will be offered but not required unless there are other indications pointing to gestational diabetes.



Nutritional counseling is at the basis of all prenatal care at CMS. We will discuss your nutrition at every visit and assist you in learning what you can do to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Problems associated with pregnancy can many times be traced back to a nutritional deficiency and can be alleviated by a change in diet or nutritional supplements.

Each visit is scheduled at 60 minute intervals. If you feel that you need a longer visit please inform the midwife prior to your appointment and we will schedule an extended visit. We encourage you to bring the people close to you along for your prenatal visits.

We want the opportunity to become familiar with those who might be at your birth. We have great interest in answering questions or addressing fears posed by your family and friends. Homebirth is something that seems out of the ordinary for most people today so we understand, encourage and welcome questions.

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