Having A Firepit In Your Backyard

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Okay, not only are you going to have awesome campfire songs in your backyard but think of the bonding time you could have under the stars with your friends or families. The smores and other snacks you could eat, as you joke around and play music all you like, activities like games and such? Come on, if you have this then good for you. If not then you better get yourself a freaking backyard firepit.

Aside from the fun side of things, we cannot deny how much cold it will be the next few months. Winter is coming, folks, so you better put on your Nights Watch crow cloak and gather around the fire. Tell stories of your adventure on the Wall. Of things that happened in Mereen when Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen freed slaves and made a name of herself.

Yeah, sure that. Or maybe you can gather around the pit and tease spoilers with your friends about Game of Thrones while you are all cozy and warm. Probably eating roasted marshmallows too. See? This is why having a fire pit is awesome and cool. There are just so many things to do and enjoy when everyone is gathered around it.

Admittedly, who would want to get outside the house when it is freakingly cold outside? Sure, the pit can keep you warm but it cannot do it forever. The most you can do is bundle yourself up in think clothes and a huge blanket. Then maybe get just a little bit closer to the fire and hope for the best.

Yeah, okay. As fun as the ideas we put up here are, they can only be done if there is no risk of freezing to death. Forget the dragons, we are all going to die even before those white walkers come marching down from the Wall. Maybe in seasons that are favorable, we can have a camp like a party and sing some campfire songs.

Want an example for a song? The one that Spongebob sang in that one episode where he, Patrick and Squidward camped just outside their house. Although, how they could even make a fire under freaking water is beyond any of us. That show still continues to break the laws of physics even before any of us were born.

It goes like his. Lets gather round the campfire and sing our campfire song. Our CAMPFIRE SONG song. And if you do not that think we can sing it faster then you are wrong. But it would help if you just sing along. Bum bum bum. And so on. You probably heard about it at this point. But if somehow you have not, then shame on you.

In all seriousness though, there are materials out there that could help you make your very own pit. Even one that you can just easily style to your preference. Think of all the possibilities, man, and do it all on your own. Or, you know. Get some people to get it done for you. That is easier to do after all.

Point is, you should prepare for the winter. Get your spears ready as well. You never know when you might need it.

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