Fiberglass Pools And Its Advantages

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When it comes to purchasing in-ground swimming pools, several factors affect your decision. The most popular in-ground pools are made from concrete, fiberglass and vinyl. We will be discussing fiberglass today which is ready-made and installed directly into the excavated hole.


Fibreglass pools in Townsville are the most common form of pools which are being installed because of many features. Following are few of the advantages of installing a fiberglass pool in your home.

1. Installation Speed

Installing a fiberglass pool is easy and quick as these come pre-made from the stores. All you need is your county’s approval and you can get it installed within days without the added mess in your backyard.

2. Finish

The fiberglass pools have a smooth finish to it because of the gel-coat. The finish protects the surface against algae and it is stainless. Other pools have rough edges which can harm your skin.

3. Chemical Usage

I’m sure you would hate to be inside a pool that smells like a chemical lab with fiberglass your pools require minimum chemicals for maintenance. The added cost of expensive chemicals is reduced thus making it easier for the user.

4. Adjustment

The fiberglass has the capability of stretching whenever there is a change or movement in the ground. This is beneficial as you don’t have to worry about a crack that appeared overnight making it durable.

Other than the advantages fiberglass pools offer several custom options, they come in set shapes, sizes and colour along with a warranty.

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