Facts You Need To Know: Shoulder Overuse Injury

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In case your job or hobby entails repetitive motion, you are subject to shoulder too much use injury. If you have injured a shoulder credited to overuse, you likely know it causes severe pain.

Our high-tech world, where we repetitively click a mouse or play childish games on the computer contributes to make overuse. Even the medical profession isn't immune to shoulder injuries caused by years of pulling, yanking and lifting patients.

The Shoulder

Your shoulder is an intricate part of your body, comprised of three bones: clavicle or collar bone, scapula or shoulder blade and humerus or upper arm bone. The scapula is made up of the glenoid and acromonin.

These bone fragments are surrounded by muscles and ligaments that form portions of two bones: the acromioclavicular joint can be found between the clavicle and scapula; between the glenoid and humerus is the glenohumeral joint.

Make injury is a common consequence of overuse or repetitive motion involving the shoulder(s). Three conditions are possible: tendonitis, tearing and impingement syndrome. To know more about shoulder treatment you can check shouldermd online.

Your cuff contains four muscles surrounding the shoulder joint. Working as a team, the turn cuff muscles help strengthen your shoulder joint. Several smaller tendons bond to fashion the rotator wristband tendon. In turn, the tendon connects to the humerus or upper supply bone.

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