Effective Prayer – Place and Space

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The fact that prayer can change the world is beyond dispute. But how does it do this? One of the most important ways is that it changes the one who is praying, and when we change from our prayers, the world changes.

We are in the world, and the world is in us. It is through prayer that we reconnect with God, “re-grounding” if you will. The Christian prayer book for the enrichment and maturing of your prayer life

Jesus was diligent about getting his time for prayer, usually going off to a secluded spot when he needed to reconnect.

His guidance for individual prayer contained the thing that had been listed at Matthew 6:5-6: “And whenever you pray, you shouldn’t be as the hypocrites; because they want to stand and pray in the synagogues and on the street corners, so that they may possibly be observed by the others.

Considering our Neighborhood members have been dispersed, they’re invited to locate a unique spot inside their own property (or somewhere nice outside once the weather allows ) to his or her private salvation sessions.  This must be always a distinctive location, booked simply for meditation, prayer and contemplation, and useful for nothing.  It is often as basic as a seat in the corner of this space, perhaps with a lamp.


A little dining table can be practical to put up journal and books if not being used. In the event the area can be found, a marginally bigger dining table can function as a Home Theater.   Some dwelling design spaces have kneelers too.  Insert different things which help extend the clear presence of God.

Perhaps a few icons, small shot, or angel figurines.  Matters which draw the interest of one’s eyes, reevaluate, smell and feel of signature will bring you in the present moment.  The current moment is where God resides for all of us it really is where He’s reachable.  A few folks add soft music for a backdrop.  I frequently utilize some Gregorian chant music to make a laborious yet joyful experience.

Like Jesus returning to the people after each of his prayer times, we, too, must re-engage the world as it presents itself to us. Hopefully, we are a little bit better equipped to do so just having spent some time with Our Father. The ultimate goal of personal prayer time, of course, is that you carry this sense of His Presence with you all the time.

Each moment of the day becomes a prayer session of words, thoughts, and actions. We begin to see the image of God in other people, we see things as being gifts of God, we see nature as sacred, and we see each of our movements as sacraments to His love.


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