DHGate Review – How Does It Work?

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DHGate was founded in China in 2004 (for more about the site's history read this DHGate review) and it has been a large marketplace of wholesalers and drop shippers ever since.

The site caters to both business customers who buy in large quantities and individuals who just want to buy a single unit.  All of the products listed on DHGate are sold by individual sellers – not DHGate itself – which makes the site very much like eBay, but for Chinese wholesalers who export to the rest of the world.

Searching on DHGate

Finding products on DHGate is easy – there is a search bar at the top of the site and you can filter the results by location, rating, brand, price range, whether or not the seller is 'premium' and the shipping options available.  The search features are almost exactly the same as on Ali Express, another similar site.

DHGate Seller Ratings

Every seller on DHGate is rated, like on eBay.  Some are listed as 'premium sellers' – these have the highest trust levels, as voted for by their customers.

Ratings are given out of five for delivery times, shipping cost, communication and product quality.  Sellers have overall ratings too – this is the percentage of feedback from customers that's positive.  Ratings of over 95% are very good.

Paying on DHGate

Although you pay through the DHGate site, products are not bought directly from DHGate but individual sellers on the site.

DHGate handles the payment though – and they withhold the money from every seller until the product has been successfully received, which provides a better level of safety for customers.


DHGate is a simple site to use with millions of wholesale products.  The key features are the ease of finding what you're looking for and the safety features built into their payment options.

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