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The term collaboration has received much attention and value with the start of 2010. But regardless of how things have changed since then, the terrific number of collaboration is still conducted via email regardless of the development of web 2.0 cooperation.


However, adopting the new stadium of workspaces and more strong content oriented collaborative applications that also share custom coding and workflow, have tremendously resolved the issue.


Many companies are readily using several social networking like Facebook as well. By the grace of technologies, such businesses have found our various benefits too.


Knowledge worker efficacy- Any efficiency can be easily removed which are typically related to collaboration via email by giving the correct provision of one place to store and collaborate on content. Basic library services such as version verifying, check-in and check-out can help to modulate the content creation and sharing.

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Enhanced knowledge record- E-mail system fails to provide information for its reuse. However, by moving content into a collaborative platform, an individual can easily locate and utilize the information in the types of presentations and images.


An effectual direction of content– Every content requires it own manageable practices. Some contents such as official memos or repair manuals need to be handled in a more meticulous way for their accuracy, security, privacy, and compliance.


Maximum social networking effect– The capacities of social media provided increasingly by collaborative platforms as found on Facebook helps to augment the value of a stereotypical e-mail or document focused collaboration tools.



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