Converting Common Forms into Fillable PDF Forms

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For optimum convenience, general forms are transformed into fillable PDF forms. Through few simple steps, it becomes possible to obtain desired result. Following steps are generally observed.

Step 1: Selection of file

Project file can be used as a sample on the occasion. By entering into the periphery of Adobe Acrobat, you must select an option called “Tools”. Prepare form option must be located during this time. Click on the “open” option in order to transform the document into fillable PDF forms. Scanned documents can be changed into forms of interactive nature with this process.

For preparing the form perfectly, it is better to select the file and then go with the start option. In due course, legible forms can be developed almost automatically.

Step 2: editing text field and box properties

Through right click on the properties, you can choose “Options”. During this time combination of fields must be selected as well. Characters for the text field can be determined through this process.

Check boxes are most observed with a black square. Through selection of properties, check boxes can be incorporated inside the form easily.

Step 3: Inclusion of custom fields

The visual field for signature may not be offered through the interface of Adobe. Therefore, it must be infused through proper amount of customization.  From the tool menu, digital signature can be included quite nicely. Correct location for the signature is generally decided with the assistance from mouse. Size of the signature box must be apt with the other fields within the page.

Due to use of Ctrl + Click, inclusion of email field can be ensured. Later on, match size is generally chosen in order to maintain both height and width. In order to match with the email field, signature field can be changed automatically. Fillable PDF forms are best possible way to include customized field.

Step 4: Give a format to the form through buttons

Through a click on text field that is placed within the tool menu and a simple drag, it is possible to select bottom area of the button field. Names are generally given on the occasion. Labels can be added to the buttons as well.

Step 5: Look at the preview

Final look of the fillable PDF forms is generally found through preview. Interactivity level of the form can be checked at this time. Fields can be inserted and edited quite easily without any hassle. Following to the preview, you can disseminate the forms among the clients, customers and employers easily.

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