Cebu Island: Top Attractions in the Southern Cebu

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The island of Cebu is filled with natural spots that especially in the southern part of the island. For example the mesmerizing rock formations, pristine white sand beaches, and some of the best-looking waterfalls and attractions in the country. Below are the top attractions you can find in the south of Cebu.

Moalboal Diving

One of the most popular thing you can do in Moalboal which makes you immerse in the rich Coral Triangle that makes the country an excellent, world-class diving destination. You can see a great variety of underwater fish species and underwater scenery that are so rare. The current in the diving spots in Moalboal is mild current that ensures a flow of fresh and nutritious water that makes the coral flourish. The place is also called as turtle paradise because of the numerous turtles that you can see in the area along with mysterious creatures like giant frogfish, leaf scorpionfish, clown trigger, fish and the devil scorpion fish, and many more.

The Sardine Run

This is one of the major reasons why divers visit Moalboal like a pilgrim every year. Here, you will encounter and be able to watch millions of sardines congregate together in the waters of Moalboal. Dive into a never-ending number of fishes and immerse yourself in this breath-taking experience.

Oslob Whale Sharks and Kawasan Falls

Oslob whale sharks is a hundred percent guaranteed to see these magnificent giants when you go snorkeling or diving with more than three whale sharks. The typical whale sharks size is 4 up to 12 meters. Oslob is a home for amazing creatures and they can be seen by non-divers and divers, swimmers and non-swimmers, the old and the young alike. Kawasan falls only an hour away from the whale sharks watching area. If possible avoid going there on weekends because it tends to be a very busy time.

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