Bucket Hats – A Great Fashion Accessory

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Bucket hats have become a popular accessory for people who enjoy outdoor sports as a way to look stylish and keep the sun out of their eyes and off their head. These hats tend to be inexpensive at round $35 to $50 but you can get some designer ones that are a little more pricey.

Most of the hats are made from cotton but you can also find them in canvas and denim. There are also called fisherman's hat and have a recognizable design with an eyelet hole on either side of the hat. For winter wear you can find them made of warm wool and some even have a faux fur lining!

The stylish woman on the golf course can be found with a pair of shorts and a matching shirt and hat. Or for that casual outfit a pair of your favorite jeans some sandals or deck shoes. Men cherish these caps as well and you will discover them again on golfers and boaters. Matched with knee-length shorts and a polo shirt, he will be a hit any place he goes. You can  also visit http://www.cityhuntercapusa.com/bucket/138 to buy hats online .

Can caps are light weight and simple to deal with as they can be tossed in the washer when they get filthy or stuffed in a pocket when they aren't required.

These hats are perfect for the home sewer. There are many colorful materials that they can made from and adding matching lining and trim will make them a great addition any outfit in your wardrobe. They can be made to match your winter coat, your golfing or sailing outfit. Check out your local fabric and accessory shop for patterns and material.

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