Bed Bug Pest Control: What Are Your Options?

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Like every insect that feels like they would rather reside in your house than the wonderful outdoors, bed bugs present us with an issue which may be tackled in a couple of unique ways. These ways vary from the free home remedy to the expensive professional support and everything in between. To get more information about long island bed bug service you can visit

Bed Bug Pest Control: What Are Your Options?

Insects, with the exception of cockroaches, are not that difficult to eliminate as long as you adhere to a certain program that is usually comprised of removal, prevention, and cleaning.


This is pretty self-explanatory; elimination only means you have got to kill those bed bugs by any means possible. It was we'd all instantly turn into harsh chemicals like a jar of the RAID in the local supermarket.

This can put a tiny dent in the population of some insects but not all. For bed bugs, you must use a mix of attack methods such as traps, sprays, deterrents and more if you've got a large issue. If you just have a few that showed up on a little piece of furniture, you may often be effective with a spray together with a deterrent product like Bed Defense to keep them off.


This should be quite obvious to everyone. Insects don't especially like clean places and it makes them very easy to spot. Cleaning also utilizes the clothes drier, a bed bugs worst enemy. Strip off all of your bedding, sofa cushion covers, and anything that is small enough to fit into your washer and dryer. 

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