Are You a Real Coffee Enthusiast? Can You Differentiate Between the Various Coffee Mugs?

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They say that no two coffee mugs are the same and it's almost right. While you can find identical cups in the market, any self-respected coffee drinker will have his or her favorite mug used daily. Some of these mugs are old however people hold onto them like exclusive possessions.

Some might be broken, others stained, but unless a fatal accident occurs to that cup, nothing will split the possessor and the mug from each other. True coffee drinkers know the main coffee mug types out there, while consistent folks don't give these a second look.

There are certain types that are used for drinking coffee: the simple type, the collector cups and the specialty ones. You can choose coffee mug that are available in unique design, size and color.

The simple coffee mugs are regular cups that maximum people are using. These generally accompany the dinnerware sets and they are nothing fancy to look at. They usually come with a matching saucer.

The collector cups, also known as design mugs are bought exclusively instead of bought in a set. You've seen them most of the times, some have different designs on them, and others have sayings, artworks and so on. They are usually found in tourist places and have the local city's map or crest on them.

Mostly these are used by businesses to add their logos and ads on them and these are given out at trade shows and carnivals. They make quite attractive and nice promotional items.

You can find collector mugs in different sizes and designs. If you're a real coffee enthusiast, you're not drinking your coffee from this type of cup. These are actually used for decoration only and generally put on display.

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