Anfield Stadium of the United Kingdom

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The Anfield is another aged football stadium in the United Kingdom. Construction for Anfield Stadium began in the 1884, and although it is not currently among the big bad category of stadiums in the world, with the capacity to hold only slightly more than forty five thousand people, Anfield Stadium is one with a long history and has held a good number of big games during its prime. At first, the football club that practiced and held games there was the Everton FC. But later on, due to an unpredictable and unfortunate situation, Everton FC was forced to leave. A new football club moved in to replace Everton FC, and that football club in its infancy would later on become one of the greatest teams in the whole world. Anfield Stadium could be considered as the birthplace of Liverpool FC. Click here for more information.

The Uniqueness of Anfield Stadium of the United Kingdom

Anfield Stadium has undergone its fair share of renovations as well as reconstructions over the years. Practically every surface of Anfield Stadium has been refurbished in one way or another, and in 1895, a brand new main stand has even been added to increase the overall capacity of this stadium, because of the increasing number of fans who would like to see a Liverpool FC game. In 1928, Anfield Stadium once again experienced a renovation in order to add to the capacity, because demand was spiraling upwards so quickly.

Anfield Stadium has seen some prestigious games, such as the Euro 1996, but mostly, Anfield Stadium is one that is concentrated as training ground for Liverpool FC. Liverpool FC has scheduled a plan to further expand the capacity and grandeur of Anfield Stadium so that it would be able to house almost sixty thousand people at a time. The realization of this plan should begin perhaps as soon as early 2016. Click on for more.

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