All You Need To Know About Aquarium Stands

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Aquarium stands are specially designed to place aquariums on them. While designing an aquarium stand we have to carefully decide the size and material that has to be used and it all depends on the type of aquarium.

Aquariums can be of two types: glass or acrylic. Glass aquariums are three times heavier than an acrylic aquarium. Acrylic aquarium needs support on the full length and width of the bottom, where as a Glass aquariums need support only in the outer edges. You can find appropriate aquarium stand for your aquarium from any online aquarium supplies store.

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Therefore, depending on which type of aquarium you have, aquarium stands are broadly divided into two groups:

  • open type aquarium stands
  • closed type aquarium stands

Open type aquarium stands

These are the basic stands, which are made up of lighter materials than wood. They can hold glass aquariums, that weighs around 40-42 galleons. The open stands are provided with cross support at the sides and back, but it does not have a top lid.

The Aquariums must be placed squarely on the rectangular lip. The open aquarium stands are best suited for glass aquariums, which need support only in the bottom ends.

Closed type aquarium stands

These types of aquarium stands are best suited for heavy aquariums. They are made up of pressure treated wood which enables them to hold aquariums weighing around 190 kg or more.

Unlike open ones, closed aquarium stands have both top and bottom platforms. Closed aquarium stands are suitable for both glass as well as acrylic aquariums.

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