All About Residential Water Heater Repair

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The primary thing to check is for any leakages or stand-up water near your water heater. If there is any water on the floor, do not step or touch in the water. Turn off all sides to your house and call an alternative service plumbing service provider in your region.

If no signs of leaking are current, assess the electric circuit breakers or fuse box.  If those are undamaged, the next stop is your control panel. You can also look for quality HVAC Long Island systems by clicking here.

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If water is present within the panel, make it open and await fix ASAP.  If the compartment is dry, then try pressing the reset button.  If the button clicks and electricity is restored, you are back in business (at least for today).  Otherwise, it’s certainly time to call for a fix.  Normally breakers and reset buttons will not trip with no motive, so consider this an early warning which you might require service soon.

Gas is usually a more efficient, less costly way of heating water, but gas water heater issues can be tricky and dangerous.  In case you’ve got no hot water, check first to see whether the gasoline is on.  If this is the case, the next thing to examine is your pilot light.  To turn the gas control knob putting on the water heater into “pilot,” then remove the metal plate and then look to find out whether the pilot is lit.

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