Adhesive Bandages – Your Assets In A Medical Emergency

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Adhesive bandages are excellent to have around. In case you have to use first aid in an emergency, these can assist you out. Apart from that, you can also apply these to give support to a sprained ankle or wrist in an accident. It will work especially well if the bandage is a bit wide.

However, not all adhesive bandages are great to work with. Some are too hard for support, while other, more flexible ones feel like they are being kept in place with superglue. Be cautious when you purchase adhesive bandages. Here are some smart tips:

Proper size: Purchase adhesive bandages in differing widths. That way, you will ever have a bandage for the task, whether you are using a minor cut or a deep, bleeding cut. For more information about adhesive bandages, you can also visit

Proper adhesive: Make sure that the bandages are simple to exclude. Nothing is more severe than tightly stuck bandages being removed from the recently injured skin.

Hypoallergenic: This is a very useful property to have on an adhesive bandage. That way, you will not have to bother about the patient developing allergic reactions to the bandage itself.

Porous: Always be on the view for bandages with porous adhesives. These will increase circulation of air through the bandage, leaving the wound to dry faster.

Cotton-backed: This kind of bandages covers up the excess secretions coming out of wounds and provides it to dry faster. Besides, pure cotton helps in stopping allergic reactions.

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