A Glowing Tecno Phantom 5 Review Might Be Fake

Posted on : September 23, 2015 | post in : Technology |Comments Off on A Glowing Tecno Phantom 5 Review Might Be Fake |

Even though Tecno Launch its new high profile smartphone Phantom 5 a few days ago, it is still not available for purchase anywhere in Nigeria or any other African country.However, if you look at any Tecno Phantom 5 review online by any local Nigerian tech blogger, you would find that the review to be glowing and would be raining adjectives. It is true that Tecno has called this phone its premium product. But it doesn’t mean that the bloggers should write such glowing positive reviews even before the product is officially on sale.

It is one thing to write a positive review after using a product or at least physically looking at the product. But, it is really blasphemous to write and publish such reviews without even seeing the product. That is what is happening with Tecno Phantom 5 reviews online. So, if you come across a positive review on phantom 5 from a online tech blogger, you should take it with a pinch of salt. Of course, it is true that the specifications of Phantom 5 are impressive. But, we still need to wait and see how well it is going to perform.


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