3 Tips to Help Construction Site Security

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The notion that construction sites are prime targets for theft might shock some people but there are lots of stories of where builders have been required to recruit construction security experts to avoid vandalism, theft and even physical abuse in their websites. To get more information about expensive construction site security you can visit http://oilgates.com/gate-guard-services/construct.

3 Tips to Help Construction Site Security

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Trusting peoples' good nature isn't always feasible, so when getting a job on a building site it can be worth budgeting for safety services. But before this is done, it's most likely an idea to sort out you with a building security checklist to make certain that all has been done before considering security investment.

1. Research

Primarily, a part of the building team should research the region, identifying preceding crime rates as well as the local crime information in the region. Discovering the ‘need' for building security early on is far better than finding out later on after the crime was committed.


Ever heard of the acronym CPTED? Also known as "crime prevention through environmental design". By simply ensuring that CPTED has some type of execution will discourage criminals from penetrating into the building site. Factors like lighting, employees positioning, storage positioning, fencing and CCTV coverage is likely to produce a criminal very alert to the surroundings.

3. Fencing

How powerful is the security fence? Will the fence stop a criminal in accessing the website, and at precisely the exact same time, stop the offender taking anything? A fence that has additional safety such as barbed wire, electrically wired and alarm activation will almost certainly deter a crime.

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