3 Must Ask Questions When Hiring an SEO Expert

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Unlike some few years back when having a website was more of a luxury, today most business owners have taken their business online. And why not? With the immense benefits that the online business world has to offer, it would be illogical for a business to stay offline. Along with this paradigm shift has the come the need to perfect SEO. But as more and more business owners continue to optimize their sites, the quality of services provided by SEO agents continues to decline. Currently, only a mere 20% of webmasters get services worth the money spent, quite sad if you ask me. So how do you ensure you do not fall among those who have to tolerate pathetic services? How do you ensure you get the best Toronto SEO expert? The tips on this article will help you learn more.

If you are lacking in technical experience required to optimize a site or just do not have the time, it makes sense to hire an SEO expert. Therefore, listed below are some of the questions you ought to ask your prospective SEO expert;

1. How do you plan to improve my search engine rankings?

Beware of any expert that is reluctant about describing the methods and techniques used in the SEO campaign. This would either mean the expert doesn't know much about the techniques and strategies available or simply wants to hide the fact that he/she uses blackhat SEO techniques. The expert should be able to provide a clear breakdown of the processes involved, the time frame within which the different techniques take to produce results and what to expect within the given time frame. Keep away from SEO experts who promise fast result and are all about getting you 'up there'. You want an expert who is focused on your business' goals.

2. Who are your current clients?

It pays to ask this question since you want to know whether the agent has dealt with clients who are in a similar niche to yours. If the agent is half as good as he/she claims to be, then his list of clients should be full of serious and well established clients. Keep in mind that a SEO consultant may have quite a long list of clients only to find out that they are just fillers. Along with the list of current clients should come a list of contact addresses that you can use to contact the clients. This will help you get a better insight of the services provided by the agent and what to expect.

3. Can you guarantee the number one spot on Google, Bing and Yahoo? 

This is more of a trick question and any experienced Toronto SEO expert will be sure to tread these grounds carefully. In the case that your agent answers yes, then you are better off looking for another agent all together. This is mainly because it is impossible to guarantee any results on search engines. The consultant will answer no followed by an explanation on how they can help you get there either way.

Sure, asking these 3 questions wont guarantee you the best Toronto SEO expert but they do give you an idea of what you should keep an eye out for. 

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